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That Poor Dog Was Found In State Pit, When They Examine His Face, They Were Shocked!


Eric, a bull terrier, was wounded in Turkey before being adopted in March 2015, and the attack he suffered is just horrible. More than 50 pellets were found in his skull and under his skin. He was probably shot at close range.

However, the process to bring the animal back to the UK was long for its owner, Liz Haslam.

Liz heads Beds for Bullies, a bull terrier shelter, and discovered the presence of lead pellets only when he took Eric to the veterinarians Swayne and Partners, while the inside of her mouth swelled.

The radiography horrified the veterinarians.

Eric 3

Eric is almost blind, and it’s probably a gust of wind. As for the swollen mouth, it would have been caused by a half of a tooth, of another dog, lodged in his mouth.

The bull terrier would have been involved in dog fighting before its rescue.

“His life in Turkey must have been horrible, I try not to think about it. He had to take a burst of gunfire in full, seeing how the pellets are positioned. It’s incredible that he survived. It breaks my heart to think of what he has endured, but I must be strong to watch over him. ”

Eric 2

Liz had to raise more than $ 4,000 to repatriate Eric. It was due to arrive in July 2015, but following an error by the immigration authorities, it did not arrive until September 2015.

The veterinarians of Bury St Edmunds, in Suffolk, say that we cannot remove the lead pellets from Eric, the operation would be far too long, but they were able to remove the tooth.

Liz owes nearly $ 7,000 to veterinarians, and her only source of income comes from her kennels, Can I Wag Your Tail, and she is struggling to pay the pills. So she calls the gifts and the generosity of the people so that they can continue to rescue dogs.

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