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Sick Man Decapitates A Dog Because “It Looked At Him Weirdly”


On his Facebook profile D. Ž. (15) from Zajecar set yesterday fresh morbid photo of beheaded white dog on the block, and in the background a bloody sack from which sources the body of the killed animals.

Amazed, appalled and shocked people who saw this photo on Facebook reacted immediately and inform our editorial office. Some entered the debate with this “monster” and wondered why and how could he do such a thing.

The guy who finished eighth grade with a “smile” is reported that the US staforda first just tossed into the river Timok, and since he emerged and wanted to bite him, he had to cut off his head ?!

His parents, themselves shocked, claiming to know nothing about it.


– You know how teens are in those years and that they cannot always control them- said the boy’s mother in an interview for Kurir.

The father said that his son in 2009 was attacked the dog and since then has probably trauma.


– I called him because at a birthday party at a friend’s, and he claims to have a picture taken with the Internet because he wanted to drop important in society – said at the end of the boy’s father.

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