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Man Spits On Dogs Because They Stink. How The Other Guy Responds Will Make You Cry

Moe and ET

This video will touch your heart, please be patient and you will definitely cry at the end of the video. It is extremely emotional video.

Two friends, Moe and ET, who are the YouTube film-makers, wanted to make a social experiment. Their aim is to make a point about being responsible for animals even if you have some financial problems.

Their experience shows that the kindness against the animals is not about the money people have, but it is about the love of animals.

Moe and ET put two sweet and good looking dogs on the streets of New York City with a sign.

They use a hidden camera to tape the people passing by the dogs and they wonder if the people would stop and help to those animals.

One loser actually spit on the dogs since he doesn’t like the smell of the dogs. Of course, these insensible events against dog wasn’t impressive.

But at the end of the video a homeless man, a real hero, arrives. He doesn’t show the dogs any disrespect at all. He actually takes the time to help.

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