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Horrific Video Exposes Police Officers Repeatedly Tazing Terrified Dog


This story takes place in Roseville where two police officers were trying to catch a stray dog who was terrified.

One of the police officers tried to catch him but the poor dog was so afraid that he always tried to escape as usual.

Then they start tazing the poor dog and luckily one of the citizens filmed everything on her camera but she was afraid of showing herself on the news channel.

According to the footage, the poor dog tortured more than five times until he was caught by the police officers.

You can watch the video of the incident from below:

For those who wonder, the dog is in good condition now and he is taken care of well but such an incident is not acceptable.

We hope the government will do what is needed to do and do not forget to SHARE this with your friend list to spread the news.

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