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“Dogs Of The World” Grouped By Their Geographic Origins

Canadian Dogs

Want to know the breed of your dog?

Lili Chin professionally create these cartoon-style illustration that emphasize the unique appearance of each dog. Chin’s work educational, certainly helpful for any dog lover or dog owner.


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Where is the beautiful French lap dog with butterfly ears, the Papillion?

2 years ago

Where’s my Plott Hound? A beautiful American hound with German ancestry, with beautiful brindle coats, bred to bring down Bear and Wild Boar. The Official State Dog of North Carolina…..

2 years ago

This is amazing!

2 years ago

How can you leave off Collies? Sorry, but you put in some good, uncommon, dogs, but you left off one of the most well-known breeds of Scottish descent– what about all the TV shows and movies about Lassie?

2 years ago