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16 English Bull Terrier That Will Make Your Day Instantly Better 16 English Bull Terrier That Will Make Your Day Instantly Better  ... English Bull Terrier 13 Yorkshire Terriers That Will Brighten Your Day 13 Yorkshire Terriers That Will Brighten Your Day  ... yorkshire terrier German Shepherds 18 German Shepherd Pictures You Need To See Before You Die... German Shepherds 13 English Bulldogs That Will Melt Your Heart 13 English Bulldogs that will melt your heart.  ... English Bulldogs 24 Fascinating Labrador Retriever Pictures Black, white, yellow and chocolate labrador retrievers.  ... labrador retrievers Bloodhound Bloodhounds are gentle, but are tireless when following a scent. Bloodhound pictures.  ... Bloodhound Face 16 Incredible Staffordshire Bull Terrier Pictures Staffordshire Bull Terriers are strong, muscular, agile and active dog. Warrior, but quiet and obedient. In the United States, according to the standards set in Europe it is slightly bigger.  ... Photos of Staffordshire Bull Terriers
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14 October 2017 Chengdu Man Who Filmed Himself While Raping Dogs was Stripped and Beaten By Animal Activists
A man got unconscious after he streamed a video of himself which shows how he abused dog sexually. Thousands of people saw and found the man ultimately in Chengdu, China. Animal lovers lured the man into an ambush. They presented themselves as fans. They stripped him and beat him up, publicly and on camera. The […]...
14 October 2017 dog Sick Man Decapitates A Dog Because “It Looked At Him Weirdly”
On his Facebook profile D. Ž. (15) from Zajecar set yesterday fresh morbid photo of beheaded white dog on the block, and in the background a bloody sack from which sources the body of the killed animals. Amazed, appalled and shocked people who saw this photo on Facebook reacted immediately and inform our editorial office. […]...
14 October 2017 Eric That Poor Dog Was Found In State Pit, When They Examine His Face, They Were Shocked!
Eric, a bull terrier, was wounded in Turkey before being adopted in March 2015, and the attack he suffered is just horrible. More than 50 pellets were found in his skull and under his skin. He was probably shot at close range. However, the process to bring the animal back to the UK was long […]...
14 October 2017 Moe and ET Man Spits On Dogs Because They Stink. How The Other Guy Responds Will Make You Cry
This video will touch your heart, please be patient and you will definitely cry at the end of the video. It is extremely emotional video. Two friends, Moe and ET, who are the YouTube film-makers, wanted to make a social experiment. Their aim is to make a point about being responsible for animals even if […]...
13 October 2017 Horrific-Video-Exposes-Police-Officers-Repeatedly-Tazing-Terrified-Dog Horrific Video Exposes Police Officers Repeatedly Tazing Terrified Dog
This story takes place in Roseville where two police officers were trying to catch a stray dog who was terrified. One of the police officers tried to catch him but the poor dog was so afraid that he always tried to escape as usual. Then they start tazing the poor dog and luckily one of […]...
13 October 2017 Poor-American-Bulldog-Saved-On-Time When They Pulled A Dog Out Of This Home, People Were Stunned By His Condition
This is one of the sad stories about the cruelness of the people towards the poor animals. A family abandoned their own dog in the house they moved and luckily a woman was brave enough to take a look at the poor dog. When she jumped into the yard, she found the poor dog covered […]...